Firstflex – Powering the Electrical Industry for 50 years

“As a preschooler, bunking down on a small mattress next to Mum’s desk.” That’s the earliest memory of the home garage turned warehouse/office for Firstflex Cables co-owner and Managing Director Lance Davis.

“Mum and Dad had the courage as well as the determination to start the business from scratch. They took the risk and figured out the way forward.”

Father Caryl, a young electrician with experience working for an electrical wholesaler and importing group in Auckland city, had seen the gap in the market for servicing the electrical industry in South Auckland; so he decided to start his own supply business.

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Neutral Screen Cables Now Available From Firstflex

We have extended our broad product portfolio further by releasing our Neutral Screen (NS) family.  The range has been released in response to strong demand by the industry and supplies the mains power to a variety of domestic and commercial end-use applications.

The NSU and NSUX series are suitable for direct burial underground as per AS/NZS 4961; offering a 3.2mm thick, special polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) outer sheath.

The NSU series’ copper conductors are insulated with SPVC, providing a flexible material for electrical and physical protection. This insulating SPVC material is UV stabilised, offering further durability to withstand outdoor environmental conditions.

The NSUX series’ copper conductors are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), reducing the overall diameter of the cable.

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We’ve Moved to Our New Premises!

With the business experiencing significant growth over the last few years, we’re excited to have moved to a newly designed and purpose-built facility in Drury South.
Our new facility is equipped to stock our expanding range of Firstflex industrial cables and electrical components as we continue to deliver on providing premium product on hand site, on site, on time to your local wholesaler and available when you need it.
The new premises houses a dedicated testing laboratory and the latest testing equipment to carry out quality assurance processes.  With a modern warehouse facility to boost efficiency through reduced storage costs and optimisation of layout for picking, packing and shipping, we’re delighted to further enhance our service offering.

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Firstflex Cables Quick Reference Chart

For a quick and easy reference to our popular cable ranges, you can now download our Quick Reference Chart.
This chart provides you with a quick comparison to a variety of our popular cable series available, with reference to important information such as submersible, tinned, sheath type, rated voltage, max conductor temperature, cores etc.

Download your copy here.

For our full range, you can request a copy of our printed catalogue here or search through our website which holds the most up to date information.

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FLEX-E-LEARN Online Learning

Gain access to multiple courses designed to help you develop your electrical knowledge and understanding on a variety of different products and subjects including; Cable Terminologies, Glanding, Plugs & Connectors, Technical info, Cable Compliance and Standards.
Complete them when and where you want and if you get interrupted FLEX-E-LEARN will remember where you were up to so you can resume the course later.
Courses are free, quick, simple and convenient and will test you on what you have learnt and reward you for your efforts!

Register now, go to:
or access via the Firstflex website home screen under the Information tab.

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Firstflex Cables Ensures Quality

For over 40 years Firstflex Cables have been supplying Industrial cable and components to the New Zealand electrical industry. We pride ourselves on our quality product, service, technical support, availability and fast delivery. Our cables not only meet the relevant AS/NZS Standards but must pass our own stringent quality assurance process.

Firstflex Cables Factory / Manufacturing

All Firstflex Cables made to AS/NZS 5000.1.2.3 standards have a comprehensive factory Qualification Test Report (QTR) which covers tests including – 

  • Ageing of sheath and insulation
  • Conductor resistance
  • High voltage AC
  • Vertical flame propagation
  • Tensile strength before and after ageing
  • Elongation strength before and after ageing
  • Cable marking

Additionally, although not required by AS/NZS standards, Firstflex Cables also have these cables tested by a recognised third party testing facility such as TUV Australia, printed with the RCM mark, and loaded into the EESS / ERAC database for approved cables.

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Calculate your cable requirements with FIRSTCALC

Your first choice for cable calculations!

For some time the industry has been asking for a Firstflex cable calculation app.  And be it a little later than others to the market – as the age old saying goes… good things come to those who wait! 

In this case you could say better things come to those who wait! 
Free to download from the App store and Google play, FIRSTCALC has all the traditional cable calculators in the app to assist you to find the right cable or cable requirements for the job, however FIRSTCALC isn’t just like other cable calculator apps – it offers more!

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New Copper Tape Economical VSD Cable

If you are looking for a high performing power cable that makes it quick, easy and economical to connect AC variable speed drives in fixed applications, give us a call at Firstflex because we have just added the KSXCY Series to our VSD cable range.

Designed as an alternative to Kleenscreen, the new the KSXCY Series has the added advantage of class 5 stranded conductors, giving the cable more flexibility when you need to bend and manoeuvre it into position for termination. The KSXCY Series is also designed to ensure a high level of RFI and EMI protection for VSD installations through the use of a 30 percent overlapped copper tape screen to complement the split interstitial earth cores (6 mm² and above). 

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Scame Optima Series Plugs and Connectors

The first thing you notice when you pick up a SCAME Optima Series plug or connector is the robust quality and well thought out design and safety features. That is because Italian manufacturer SCAME is committed to continuous design innovation and quality, providing functional solutions that meet end user’s expectations and demands.

Founded in 1963 SCAME is well-established as a manufacturer of components and systems for the electrical industry, exporting products to over 80 countries around the world.

In New Zealand the SCAME brand has been present for over 40 years. Distributed since the early 80’s by Electrex Manufacturing and then by Firstflex Cables since 2017, the range available is diverse and has been selected for its suitability in the New Zealand environment.

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Electrex by Firstflex

In February 2016, the Electrex Manufacturing business merged into Firstflex Cables and relocated to our site in Takanini. We are one trading entity and trade as Firstflex Cables.
Firstflex is the vendor for all of the Electrex products. The Electrex Brand continues as a sub brand of Firstflex Cables.
This Electrex brand forms part of our brand offer which also includes Scame Plugs and Connectors & Amphenol Plugs and Connectors.

With our large commitment to holding stock we can continue to deliver on our core promise; On Hand – On Site – On Time … It’s What We Do!

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