Neutral Screen Cables Now Available From Firstflex

We have extended our broad product portfolio further by releasing our Neutral Screen (NS) family.  The range has been released in response to strong demand by the industry and supplies the mains power to a variety of domestic and commercial end-use applications.

The NSU and NSUX series are suitable for direct burial underground as per AS/NZS 4961; offering a 3.2mm thick, special polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) outer sheath.

The NSU series’ copper conductors are insulated with SPVC, providing a flexible material for electrical and physical protection. This insulating SPVC material is UV stabilised, offering further durability to withstand outdoor environmental conditions.

The NSUX series’ copper conductors are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), reducing the overall diameter of the cable. Although less flexible than PVC conductors, in comparison, XLPE allows a higher maximum operating temperature and greater current carrying capability.

Firstflex’s Neutral Screen Trayscreen®(NST) series is constructed with a SPVC outer sheath that is 1.8mm thick and its copper conductors are also insulated with SPVC. The reduced sheath thickness allows greater flexibility, providing easier installation.  Trayscreen® cables can be terminated in smaller glands and are desirable for use in applications where space is limited such as on street light poles, within internal wiring between distribution boards and installing onto commercial cable trays.

Like all of our cables the NS family can be cut to length with no cutting fees and no minimum order quantity, and is backed by our 50-year promise, of getting product on hand, on site and on time.

Available to order through your local electrical wholesaler.

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  • Stocked cables cut to length – no cutting fees, no minimum order quantity
  • Annealed plain copper stranded wire (Class 2)
  • Screen provides coverage to facilitate mechanical protection
  • Available in 1.8mm (NST) or 3.2mm (NSU/NSUX) special PVC outer sheath
  • SPVC (NST/NSU) or XLPE (NSUX) conductor insulation
  • UV stabilised
  • Heat, oil, chemical resistant and flame retardant
  • Tested and certified to all relevant AS/NZS standards.