Firstflex Cables is committed to a sustainable business strategy. We encourage our team to bring initiatives forward and contribute to our green light thinking approach to find ways on how we can be more environmentally friendly, reduce our carbon footprint and commit to a sustainable future.

We have implemented a number of initiatives which has resulted in us reducing our general waste by half and ensuring all recycling is managed correctly and effectively. We have revised our packaging so it can be easily recycled or re-used by our customers.

In late 2022 our operations shifted to a new purpose-built facility in Drury South with design features incorporated to reduce our environmental impacts. A 60kWp 128 solar panel PV system was installed. The amount of clean energy we generate for this system will have environmental equivalents to planting 402 adult trees every year and reducing our carbon emissions by 8900kgs a year. The facility has three 25,000L underground tanks to harvest the roof rainwater for toilets and outdoor taps. Warehouse lighting is sensor activated. Each aisle has five LED high bay lights activated by movement with option to adjust brightness and sensitivity based on the natural ambient light. The building is fitted with Sunergy Low-E coated double-glazed glass which blocks out the sun’s direct energy while maintaining a high level of natural daylight and also reduces noise. The same coating helps to reflect heat back into the building on cold days helping control the temperature and save power.

In partnership with our freight forwarder Tri-Star Logistics, we contribute to an environmental recovery programme which sees the planting of one native tree for every 1000kg of CO2 produced through international freight movements.


Above: Aerial view of Firstflex’s 4000m² facility in Drury South, Auckland. Built in 2022, design features have been incorporated to reduce energy and local water supply consumption as well as generate clean energy.