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Any information provided on this website is provided in good faith and Firstflex endeavors to ensure the information is accurate but accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in the information provided.  All information is subject to change without notice. Firstflex reserves the right to modify specifications at any time. Under no circumstances does this constitute an assurance of any particular quality or performance, such an assurance is only provided in any explicit contractual arrangements.  Responsibility of suitability for application rests solely with the installer.  All illustrations are indicative only.

Firstflex does not guarantee or warrant that its website is free of errors or any computer virus, hackers or other harmful elements.  Precautions against risks of computer viruses are to be taken by the website user and Firstflex does not accept liability for loss or damage that arises from such matters.

Online quote system

The Firstflex online quote system is for the purpose of providing an indication of stock availability and general trade pricing.
Your generated quote enquiry will be sent to our sales team, who will follow up with your quote query.
For purchases please contact your local electrical wholesaler.

Privacy Policy – Website

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Full Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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FIRSTCALC App – Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

  1. Firstflex Cables has taken every precaution to ensure accurate information in the FIRSTCALC Software, but accept no liability for any errors or omissions.
  2. By using FirstCalc software you (the licensee) acknowledges and accepts that the information and calculations provided by FIRSTCALC are a guide only and that it does not replace any electrical, engineering, environmental or legal recommendations or advice. Firstflex Cables shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profits, data or other event incurred by the licensee from use of the FIRSTCALC software.
  3. You the Licensee acknowledges and accepts that by using FIRSTCALC the information you provide to make the calculation(s) is solely your own responsibility. And that by using FIRSTCALC you do so at your own risk.
  4. The Licensee acknowledges that Firstflex Cables owns all rights to the FIRSTCALC software. The Licensee may not copy all or part of the FIRSTCALC software or allow any third party to copy the software.
  5. Firstflex Cables reserves the right to modify specifications in FIRSTCALC Software at any time.
  6. Firstflex Cables reserves the right to communicate via the FIRSTCALC Software from time to time with various updates on services and product information.
  7. Firstflex Cables does not collect any form of personal data and does not store any personal information from the FIRSTCALC app.