Calculate your cable requirements with FIRSTCALC

Your first choice for cable calculations!

For some time the industry has been asking for a Firstflex cable calculation app.  And be it a little later than others to the market – as the age old saying goes… good things come to those who wait! 

In this case you could say better things come to those who wait! 
Free to download from the App store and Google play, FIRSTCALC has all the traditional cable calculators in the app to assist you to find the right cable or cable requirements for the job, however FIRSTCALC isn’t just like other cable calculator apps – it offers more!

First off – after you have downloaded FIRSTCALC to your smart phone or tablet a tutorial will pop up providing you with some valuable information on how to navigate the app.  You can skip it if you wish, but if you take a moment to scroll through the tutorial it will demonstrate valuable features unique to FIRSTCALC that could benefit you when using the app!

After the tutorial you will reach the home screen this is where you access five different calculator tools and a cable selection tool.  Quickly and easily you can calculate your required Voltage Drop, Length, Load Current, Motor Current and KVA to A and in the Cable Selection tool you can simply enter the requirements you have for your application, tap calculate and the suitable Firstflex Cable(s) will be displayed in results. 

Now it gets even better! Cable results can then be saved in ‘My List’ (your own personal saved list of Firstflex cables that suit your required applications) this list can be emailed on at any time with an attached datasheet and all the specification information.  You can also directly access the product on the Firstflex website from the info in ‘My List’.  And when you’re done you can either clear ‘My List’ or leave your selections saved there to refer back to later.

Another feature unique to FIRSTCALC which you can access from the home screen is the Chemical Rating Guide. This guide allows you to select from a list of 70 different substances that the cable could be exposed to once installed, it will then provide you with a guide to the cable sheath material and relevant series of Firstflex cables most compatible with the selected substance.

And what’s more – FIRSTCALC works offline! You don’t need to be connected to the internet when calculating! 

 Try FIRSTCALC for yourself – download it free from your app store – and you will soon find it to be your go-to app for calculating your cable requirements!

NOW Available on the Website – simply click on the FIRSTCALC logo at the top right hand corner! or CLICK HERE