New Copper Tape Economical VSD Cable

If you are looking for a high performing power cable that makes it quick, easy and economical to connect AC variable speed drives in fixed applications, give us a call at Firstflex because we have just added the KSXCY Series to our VSD cable range.

Designed as an alternative to Kleenscreen, the new the KSXCY Series has the added advantage of class 5 stranded conductors, giving the cable more flexibility when you need to bend and manoeuvre it into position for termination. The KSXCY Series is also designed to ensure a high level of RFI and EMI protection for VSD installations through the use of a 30 percent overlapped copper tape screen to complement the split interstitial earth cores (6 mm² and above). We also supply EMC compatible glands (GMEMC-FT Series) for solid contact with the copper tape to ensure optimum RFI and EMI protection.

The KSXCY Series offers additional safety with its excellent electrical performance, XLPE X-90 insulation, and PVC 5V-90 sheath designed to tolerate voltage spikes and withstand heat generated by overcurrent conditions. The new cable is flame retardant, UV stabilised, heat, oil and chemical resistant to withstand adverse environmental conditions.

The KSXCY Series adds to the existing Firstflex VSD braided screen flexible series of MDXCY marine tinned copper, FDXCY spvc, and HDXCY extra heavy duty, and offers the only fixed application, economical, copper tape VSD cable on the market with flexible stranded conductors.

– Dan McLean, Firstflex Cables (Article from Issue 122 – Electrolink Publication)