Scame Optima Series Plugs and Connectors

The first thing you notice when you pick up a SCAME Optima Series plug or connector is the robust quality and well thought out design and safety features. That is because Italian manufacturer SCAME is committed to continuous design innovation and quality, providing functional solutions that meet end user’s expectations and demands.

Founded in 1963 SCAME is well-established as a manufacturer of components and systems for the electrical industry, exporting products to over 80 countries around the world.

In New Zealand the SCAME brand has been present for over 40 years. Distributed since the early 80’s by Electrex Manufacturing and then by Firstflex Cables since 2017, the range available is diverse and has been selected for its suitability in the New Zealand environment.

This diverse mix of SCAME products, includes industrial plugs and connectors, socket outlets, appliance inlets, junction boxes, modular enclosures, distribution assemblies, cable reels, autorollers, switches and accessories.

The Optima Series of plugs and connectors by SCAME is a popular choice among Industrial Electricians. The 63amp and 125amp range feature a cable gland which combines both an IP67 seal and a strain relief cord grip. Designed so no dismantling of the gland is required, a water tight entry point and secure cord grip are created all with one simple action. With high quality nickel plated brass pins and socket contacts, combined with a polishing process, SCAME Optima has a greater contact area for long lasting efficiency. With the improved geometry characteristics of the mantle terminals they have increased cable accessibility, allow for higher tightening torques, and are suited to all types of conductors and terminals.

In addition SCAME created the Optima Reverse Series – Phase Inverter plug which allows for the user to easily invert the phases when required. If for example a motor is rotating in the wrong direction, a simple process of pushing and turning the phase pin support with a screw driver is all that is required to rectify the problem. Available in both 16amp and 32amp.

SCAME are committed to quality, ensuring products are manufactured in accordance with National and International regulations. All SCAME products go through rigorous testing. With plugs, connectors and outlets meeting the IEC standard 60309, with a wide range of products meeting both the CE and ENEC standards.

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