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4 x 2.5mm²

Ultra Performance Flexible Rubber Double Sheath Cable 0.6/1kV 90°C

Keywords: Chemtuff, Twinskin, HDT, Tinned, Yellow, Marine, Ship to Shore, Leads, Power, Pumping, Lighting, non-marking


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Quantity of item required. Cable is quoted in metres.


Chemtuff Used in applications that require a greater resistance to chemicals, solvents, oils and fats.

Marine Flexible tinned copper for installations on pleasure craft, ship to shore and other marine applications.

Extension Leads Used on construction sites due to its outstanding flexibility and cable memory. Suitable for tough climatic and mechanical conditions.

Power With a separator acting as a second sheath this cable provides extra safety for machine tools, construction and engineering equipment and conveyers.

Pumping Suitable for permanent submersion to 200 metres.

Lighting & Entertainment With its extra durable SER sheath and high visibility, this cable is suitable for outdoor temporary power supply and lighting leads.


  • Yellow sheath for high visibility

  • Tinned fine stranded copper conductor

  • Non-marking sheath suits ship to shore use

  • UV stabilised

  • Flame retardant

  • Extremely flexible

  • Water and moisture resistant

  • Suitable for permanent submersion to 200 metres

  • Heat, oil and chemical resistant (See Chemical Rating Chart)


Conductor Annealed tinned copper stranded extreme flexibility (Class 5 & 6).

Insulation X-90.

Separator An added separator or bedding of extruded V-90HT material for safety and durability. Silicate powder lubricant between cores and inner sheath to reduce friction.

Sheath SER105.


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -40°C to 90°C / Flexing -20°C to 90°C.

Maximum Conductor Temperature 90°C (Current ratings are based on 30°C air temp. See technical section for de-rating factors).

Rated Voltage Uo/U 0.6/1kV.

Max AC Operating Voltage Uo 0.7kV.

Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 5 x cable diameter / Flexing 6 x cable diameter.

Sheath Colour Yellow

Standard Core Colour

3 Core – Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow.

4 Core – Grey, Brown, Black, Green/Yellow.

5 Core – Blue, Red, White, Black, Green/Yellow.

Relevant Standards AS/NZS 3191, AS/NZS 5000.1, AS/NZS 3308,IEC 60227, IEC 60332-1, ROHS Compliant.


Supplier Declaration of Conformity - SDoC AS/NZS 3191

Size: 4 x 2.5mm²

Approx Stranding: 80/0.20

Approx Overall Diameter (mm): 14.0

Approx Weight (Kg/Km): 239

Nominal Amps un-enclosed protected from sun @30°C fixed application touching: 29

3 Phase Volt Drop @50Hz/MAX Conductor Temp 90°C (Mv/AM): 16.400

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