Materials and Handling Systems Suitable for use in cable reelers, crane pendants and festooning systems, conveyor systems and energy chains. Trailing cables are used for high mechanical stress applications, especially for frequent winding and unwinding with simultaneous tensile and torsional loads on cranes, building machinery and conveyors travelling up to 120m/min.
Mine Sites Suitable for use in surface mining, stone pits and other heavy industrial applications.


  • UV stabilised
  • Flame retardant
  • Resistant to environmental factors like oxidation, ozone and sunlight
  • Very good behaviour to variations of outdoor temperatures
  • Good tensile strength, tearing strength and abrasion resistance
  • Heat, oil and chemical resistant (see Chemical Rating Chart)
  • Tensile strength max. 20N/mm²


Conductor Annealed tinned copper stranded extreme flexibility (Class 5 & 6).
Insulation EPR rubber R90.
Sheath PCP Elastomer rubber with synthetic yarn for anti-twisting protection.


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -40°C to 90°C / Flexing -25°C to 90°C.
Maximum Conductor Temperature 90°C.
Rated Voltage Uo/U 0.6/1kV.
Max AC Operating Voltage Uo 0.7kV.
Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 7.5 x cable diameter / Flexing 10 x cable diameter.
Sheath Colour Black.
Standard Core Colours
4 Core – Blue, Brown, Black, Green/Yellow.
Multi Core – Black (numbered) + Green/Yellow.
Relevant Standards VDE 0250-814, VDE 0298-4, VDE 0298-3, IEC 60332-1, C E Directive 2014/35/EU, ROHS Compliant.