Standard Performance Fixed Circular TPS Cable 450/750V 90°C

Keywords: MC Series, Power, Direct Burial, Undergrounds Ducting, Construction, MAXCAB, Mains, Sub-mains, Outdoors Use


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Quantity of item required. Cable is quoted in metres.


Power Suitable for mains and submains in a fixed application.

Direct Burial Suited for direct burial or underground ducting.

Outdoor Use Suitable for outdoor use and wet locations not subject to mechanical damage.

Hazardous Areas With correct explosion proof glands this cable can be installed in locations subject to explosion hazards AS/NZS 60079.14.


  • Suitable for circuits buried direct

  • Metre marking for better length control

  • UV stabilised

  • Flame retardant

  • Heat, oil and chemical resistant (see Chemical Rating Chart)


Conductor Annealed plain copper stranded (Class 2).

Insulation SPVC V-90.

Sheath SPVC.


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -20°C to 90°C.

Maximum Conductor Temperature 90°C. (Current ratings are based on 30°C air temp. See technical section for de-rating factors).

Rated Voltage Uo/U 450/750V.

Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 12 x cable diameter.

Sheath Colour Black.

Standard Core Colour

3 core – Red, Black, Green/Yellow.

4 core – Red, White, Blue, Green/Yellow.

5 core – Red, White, Blue, Black, Green/Yellow.

Multi Core - White (numbered) + Green/Yellow.

Relevant Standards AS/NZS 5000.2, AS/NZS 5000.3, AS/NZS 1125, AS/NZS 3808, AS/NZS 3008, IEC 60332-1-2, AS/NZS 60079.14 ROHS Compliant.

Note: Standard Core MC Series meets AS/NZS 5000.2.

Multi Core MC Series (7 core and above) meets AS/NZS 5000.3


Supplier Declaration of Conformity - SDoC AS/NZS 5000.2 / 5000.3


Product Code: MC05/2.5 Category:

No. of Cores x Size (mm²): 4x2.5+E2.5

Approx. Stranding (No. of wires x mm): 7/0.67 + 7/0.67

Approx. Overall Diameter (mm): 12.2

Approx. Weight (Kg/Km): 227

Nominal Amps un-enclosed @ 30°C fixed application (Touching): 25

3 Phase Volt Drop @ 50Hz / MAX. Conductor Temp 90°C (Mv/Am): 16.4

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