Bright Nickel Plated Brass Locknuts with Cutting Edges

Keywords: LN-STD Series 


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Bright Nickel Plated Brass EMC Locknuts with Cutting Edges

EMC Locknuts have Cutting Edges to establish an electrically conductive connection to a bare or painted metal surface or cabinet – this ensures optimum performance of screened cables.

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Code: LN16EMC

Size (mm): 16.0

Description: 16mm EMC Locknut

Code: LN20EMC

Size (mm): 20.0

Description: 20mm EMC Locknut

Code: LN25EMC

Size (mm): 25.0

Description: 25mm EMC Locknut

Code: LN32EMC

Size (mm): 32.0

Description: 32mm EMC Locknut

Code: LN40EMC

Size (mm): 40.0

Description: 40mm EMC Locknut

Code: LN50EMC

Size (mm): 50.0

Description: 50mm EMC Locknut

Code: LN63EMC

Size (mm): 63.0

Description: 63mm EMC Locknut

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