36 PAIR 0.5mm²

Firstronic SWA Multipair Overall Foil

Screened SPVC Tinned Instrumentation

Cables 110V RMS 90°C


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Quantity of item required. Cable is quoted in metres.

No. of Cores x Size (mm²): 36 PAIR 0.5

Nearest AWG: 20

Approx. Stranding (No. of wires x mm²): 7/0.30

Overall Diameter over Bedding (mm): 21.8

Overall Diameter over Armour (mm): 24.3

Approx. Overall Diameter (mm): 28.8

Approx. Weight (Kg/Km): 1449

Gland Size: GMCW32

Olex Cables Product Code: IEG 183AA036

General Cables Product Code: B5036CS SWA

Maser Communications Product Code: B1061B SWA

Technical Data


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