High Temperature Suitable for wiring on kilns, boilers and other high temperature applications and surfaces not exceeding 180°C.
Low Temperature Used for wiring in industrial cool stores and freezers no cooler than -60°C.
Power Suitable for wiring of public lighting in medical areas.
VSD Connection Designed for the connection of AC Variable Speed Drives (VSD) or where a flexible EMC screened cable is required.
Audio Oxygen free copper for audio applications.


  • High ignition or flashpoint
  • Minimal change to dielectric strength at high temperature
  • Minimal change to insulation resistance at high temperature
  • In the event of a fire the silicone forms an insulating layer of SiO2
  • UV stabilised
  • Flame retardant
  • Resistant to environmental factors such as oxidation, ozone and sunlight
  • Very good behaviour to variations of outdoor temperatures
  • Heat, oil and chemical resistant (refer to chemical chart)


Conductor Annealed fine wires of tinned electrolytic copper stranded for HIGH flexibility.
Insulation Silicone rubber.
Screening Tinned copper braid 85% coverage.
Sheath Silicone rubber.


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -60°C to 180°C / Flexing -40°C to 180°C.
Maximum Conductor Temperature 180°C.
Rated Voltage Uo/U 300/500v.
Max AC Operating Voltage Uo 318v.
Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 4 x cable diameter / Flexing 5 x cable diameter.
Sheath Colour Reddish-Brown.
Standard Core Colours
3 Core – Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow.
4 Core – Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow.
5 Core – Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow.
Multi Core – Black Numbered, Green/Yellow.
Relevant Standards DIN VDE 0295, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60228, VDE 0472, VDE 0282, C E Directive 2006/95/EC, ROHS Compliant.