Camping Used as caravan supply leads and flexible cords to AS/NZS3191. Marine Used as a heavy duty marine lead with great flexibility and tinned conductors.
Power Used on construction sites, building site power (SITEMATE) and builders’ temporary supply boxes.


  • Tinned fine stranded copper conductors
  • Metre marking for better length control
  • Heat, oil and chemical resistant (refer to chemical chart)
  • UV stabilised
  • Flame retardant


Conductor Annealed tinned copper standard to AS/NZS1125 Class 5. Insulation PVC V-90.
Sheath PVC 5V-90.


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -20°C to 90°C.
Maximum Conductor Temperature 90°C. (Current ratings are based on 30°C air temp. See technical section for de-rating factors).
Rated Voltage Uo/U 0.6/1kV.
Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 8 x cable diameter.
Sheath Colour Orange.
Standard Core Colour
3 core – Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow.
4 core – Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow.
Relevant Standards AS/NZS1125, AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS3008, AS/NZS3191,  ROHS Compliant.