Food, Beverage & Laboratory With its microbe, hydrolysis resistant and super durable PUR sheath, this cable suits the food and beverage industry and laboratory environments.
Mobile Tools Suitable for floor sanding and drills where extreme wear resistance and reverse bending is required.
Power With its extra durable PUR sheath, this cable is suitable for outdoor temporary power supplies, extension leads and agricultural equipment.
Marine Flexible tinned copper cable for installation on pleasure craft, ship to shore and other marine applications.
Low Temperature Extreme flexibility in low temperatures such as freezers and ski fields.


  • Halogen free
  • UV stabilised
  • Flame retardant
  • Non-marking sheath
  • Microbe & hydrolysis resistant
  • Tinned fine stranded copper conductor
  • Extreme resistance to abrasion, tearing & notching
  • Resistant to environmental factors such as oxidation, ozone & sunlight
  • Very good behavior to variations of outdoor temperatures
  • High tensile strength, tearing strength & abrasion resistance
  • Good elongation at break
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Avian & rodent resistance
  • Water & moisture resistance
  • Yellow sheath for high visibility
  • Heat, oil & chemical resistant (see Chemical Rating Chart)


Conductor Annealed tinned copper stranded high flexibility (Class 5).
Insulation LT-SER 90. Inner Sheath LT-SER 90.
Inner Sheath LT-SER 90.
Sheath PUR halogen free polyurethane compound.


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -45°C to 90°C / Flexing -35°C to 90°C.
Maximum Conductor Temperature 90°C. (Current ratings are based on 30°C air temp. See technical section for de-rating factors).
Rated Voltage Uo/U 0.6/1kV. Max AC Operating Voltage Uo 0.7kV.
Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 5 x cable diameter / Flexing 6 x cable diameter.
Sheath Colour Yellow.
Standard Core Colours
3 core – Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow.
4 core – Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow.
5 core – Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow.
Relevant Standards AS/NZS 1125, AS/NZS 3808 (For insulation & inner sheath), ROHS Compliant.


FX Certificate of Compliance