150 Series Conduit


Quantity of item required. Cable is quoted in metres.


  • All-insulated construction provides complete cable protection while the smooth bore facilitates fast and easy insertion
  • Highly flexible, this series can be coiled on its own diameter without damage to the conduit or reduction in its cross section
  • Corrosion free and free of jagged edges after cutting
  • Weatherproof and self extinguishing to CEI 23-14 standard
  • Temperature range -20°C to 75°C
  • 30 metre reels

Code: 150012

Inner Diameter: 12mm

Outer Diameter: 16mm

Straight Connector: 852012

Gland Thread: 16mm

Code: 150016

Inner Diameter: 16mm

Outer Diameter: 20mm

Straight Connector: 852016

Gland Thread: 20mm

Code: 150020

Inner Diameter: 20mm

Outer Diameter: 23mm

Straight Connector: 852020

Gland Thread: 25mm

Code: 150025

Inner Diameter: 25mm

Outer Diameter: 30mm

Straight Connector: 852025

Gland Thread: 32mm

Code: 150032

Inner Diameter: 32mm

Outer Diameter: 37mm

Straight Connector: 852032

Gland Thread: 40mm

Code: 150040

Inner Diameter: 40mm

Outer Diameter: 46mm

Straight Connector: 852040

Gland Thread: 50mm

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