Scame IP56 Switched Outlets – 10 & 15A Outlet Unit – Complete with base

10 & 15 Amp

10 & 15 Amp – Switched Outlets IP56


Quantity of item required. Cable is quoted in metres.

Innovation and Safety

One fantastic feature of this IP56 Outlet is that it can be used with any everyday power cord without the need for a special waterproof plug and outlet combination.

With the high safety standards of the industrial sector in mind, Scame created the safest domestic power outlet in the world. When equipment has to be used with a domestic plug, it’’s no longer necessary to use adapters or change the plug. Safety comes first with the OmniaPlus Switched Outlet. The seal between lid and base maintains the IP56 degree of protection with the plug inserted and the lid cannot be opened as long as the switch is ‘on’.

Product Code: N/A Category:

Code: 509.0427-10

Rating: 10 Amp

Code: 509.0427-15

Rating: 15 Amp


Technical Specifications

Rated Current: 10A or 15A
IP Rating: IP56
Operating Voltage: 250 V AC
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C
Operating Frequency: 50 Hz
Isolation Voltage: 250 V AC