1 x 6.0mm2

Extreme Performance High Temperature Glass Fibre Nickel Cable 500V 400°C

Keywords: NGHT Series, Low Temperature, Power, Kilns, Boilers, Cool Stores, Tinned Copper


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Extreme High Temperature Suitable for wiring in aerospace, steel making and chemical industries where temperatures range from -60° to 400°C.

High Temperature Suitable for wiring on kilns, boilers and other high temperature applications and surfaces to 400°C.

Low Temperature Used for wiring in industrial cool stores and freezers to -60°C.

Power Suitable for wiring of public lighting in medical areas.


  • Fine stranded nickel conductor

  • Good electronic, chemical and radiation properties

  • Very little change to insulation resistance at high temperature

  • UV stabilised

  • Flame retardant


Conductor Annealed tinned copper stranded high flexibility (Class 5).

Insulation Glass fibre with special heat resistant impregnation (Class C).


Operating Temperature Range Fixed -60°C to 400°C (up to 450°C for short time).

Maximum Conductor Temperature 400°C.

Rated Voltage 500v.

Minimum Bending Radius Fixed 18 x cable diameter.

Sheath Colour Beige.

Relevant Standards DIN VDE 0295, C E Directive 2006/95/EC, ROHS Compliant.


NGHT Certificate of Compliance

Product Code: NGHT1/6.0 Categories: ,

No. of Cores x Size (mm²): 1 x 6.0

Approx. Stranding (No. of wires x mm): 84/0.30

Approx. Overall Diameter (mm): 4.9

Approx. Weight (Kg/Km): 71

Current Rating for two cables in air at ambient temperature °C:
Amp @ 150°C: 32.8
Amp @ 200°C: 30.4
Amp @ 250°C: 26.9
Amp @ 300°C: 23.4
Amp @ 350°C: 19.1
Amp @ 400°C: 13.2

Technical Data

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