Infrared Door Minder


Quantity of item required. Cable is quoted in metres.

Plug & Play – Door Entry Alert System with Reflector Beam.

  • Easy to install with adjustable timer and volume.
  • Plug in power supply – 230V.
  • Retro-reflection type.
  • Makes “ding-dong” sound or siren when beam is interrupted.
  • Speaker volume can be adjusted or turned off.
  • Pack includes: Sensor, reflector, alarm speaker, 9VDC adaptor mounting bracket & screw, installation manual.
  • When in siren mode, sounding time is adjustable from 3-30 seconds.


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Infra Red Door Minder - DMIR

Sensing Type Retro-Reflection IR Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Sensing Range 0-6 metres (22 feet)
Input Voltage DC 9-15V
Consumption Current 75mA
Standby Current 25 mA max
Light Source IR LED
Ambient Temperature -20°C ~50°C
Response time of Speaker Chime: 1 sec. Alarm: 30 sec.
Volume of Speaker 0-Max. (Adjustable)
Alarm Time 30 sec Max. (Adjustable)
External Chime Output NPN Output
Speaker Output Chime / Off / Alarm (Selected by Slide Switch)
Extra Speaker Optional (DESSPK)
Mounting Bracket & Screw Included.

Code: DESSPK Doorminder Speaker (additional if required)

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